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Meetang Media Group Co.,Ltd.

     Established in 2005 to provide services for organizing events. Trade show The opening party of various companies And take care of delivery staff Organize promotional activities for various consumer product giants
     Until March 23, 2007, the company was established in the form of a juristic person as a limited partnership with Me Tang Media Group to provide a full range of marketing promotion activities, whether it is a equipment allocation service for organizing all kinds of activities. Selection and recruitment of employees in the area Cover all over the country
     Currently, Meetang Media Group Limited Partnership has registered as a juristic person on October 21, 2010 as Meetang Media Group Company Limited. There are more than 5,000 marketing promotion employees nationwide, more than 50 full-time permanent employees who are ready to provide marketing services and all kinds of promotional activities to all organizations, focusing on generating sales. Focus on product publicity With more than 15 years of experience

Affiliated Company

Meetang marketing & distribution Co.,Ltd.

    Operates from the experience of taking care of the consumer product groups for over 15 years by providing distribution channels. Distribution channel Producer market expansion channels Including counseling Marketing for all types of new products

Meetang Outsourcing and Service Recruitment Co.,Ltd.

    Operate labor contractors , Arranging roadshow, organizing events, organizing seminars, organizing trips, accepting model banquets and delivering all types of employees, covering all service areas nationwide, both public / private / corporate / factories /
Send sales staff to the market, further AEC Trade Center / project contractor, welfare care, labor quality, comprehensive training